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Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to PARABORN web pages.

First, let me shortly introduce our concept and my original idea.

In the 1990s, I was confronted with situations for which we were not trained at the faculties of medicine in the past. There were three aspects profoundly influencing the human life: Security, culture environment, and medicine. These three “weird sisters” of the life of every human being can be, to a certain extent, partly controlled in place and time. If we look back to the 1990s when one branch of medicine – war medicine – was forgotten, we can see the sharp contrast of civilizational, technical and political progress and the biggest shame of the European continent since the second world war. Yes, the conflict in former Yugoslavia.

1. On one hand, we could see the reflection of human rights put on their back in basal medicine, where it was often impossible to get help in time, let alone some specialized medical care. People were often dying of a common illness which in the war time turned into a pathological phenomenon, and such a situation could not be solved accordingly. The expert staff was missing, or it was removed or eliminated due to political, ethnical or religious reasons.

2. On the other hand, we as medical students were confronted with a worldwide development of new branches of medicine, their victories and boom (in genetics, oncology, transplantology, etc.)

It was, it is, and it will always be very easy to turn an individual or a group of people into a SOFT TARGET, e.g. by not providing them the medical care they need. In situations, where there is a lack of basal health care, medical students are the people running into places from which others are escaping, and they have to be able to face conflict situations, hostile personal attacks, and an environment with different culture customs. I realized that it is one of the main risks causing a catastrophe.


For them, there are three main attributes just as for catastrophe medicine


 “Trias problematics in soft target era “ (Jordan, V.)

Trias together for the catastrophe medicine and the soft target era


 “Soft targets are geographically, nationally, ethnically, genetically, culturally and politically defined areas, state forms, enclaves, buildings, groups of people, and people, as well as cellular and subcellular structures and their functions including the transcription of genetic code, including genome, which are confronted with an unexpected attack limiting and modelling their resistance and breaking their integrity.” (Jordan, V.)

Obstetrics and mother and child care under complicated conditions (child delivery in crisis areas, areas which are not geographically accessible, but also in agglomerations. There is also a special place for home births – they are a part of basal urgent medicine and they definitely have their place in the new developing branch of catastrophe medicine. This branch is associated with a lot of difficulties meeting on the hypotenuses of PARABORN care triangle – i.e. medicine, security, and different cultural environment. Therefore, they develop the protection and defence of inhabitants in this segment of medical and human activity.

Year ago, I created the educational concept PARA BORN, where PARA stands for paramedics and BORN stands for women giving birth. In the dynamic of the first years of the new millennium, we are confronted with constant attacks on soft targets, when the Red Cross is becoming a target instead of a place for help and rescue of health and life.

These are the reasons why me and my big team designed an educational document for first responders and for managing crisis situations in obstetrics and similar segments. For many years, the development of this concept has been dependant on the situation in medicine and politics. We carry it out actively abroad and we train with rescue services. You can see some of our activities in the photo gallery.

However, I perceive PARA BORN also in dependence on new ways of fighting as a challenge to face new situations which are PARAllelly “born” across the spectrum of critical situations dominating urgent states in protection and defence of inhabitants as well as in social sphere limiting the health care system as such, not only its rescue part.

PARABORN nevertheless touches a much wider spectrum than it was initially intended for. In the dynamics of the era we live in, it cannot be divided from the area of protection and defence as well as from the problematics of multiculturalism and migration (this is covered transculturally in a special part).

PARABORN target groups are not only paramedics, doctors, and medical workers, but all structures which participate in managing crisis situations in crisis areas with the aim to protect soft targets, i.e. rescue services, police, army, security agencies, and in a broader context, people who deal with humanitarian aid in target areas.

Dear all, welcome to PARABORN. It is about you and your offspring.

Vaclav Jordan, MD, EMDM, MPA

Schiers, CH,  30th November, 2020

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